wings lab WINGS LAB
Wireless Networking and Systems Laboratory
The Wireless Networking and Systems (WINGS) Lab was established in year 2001 and has been engaged in research in several areas of wireless networking and mobile computing systems, specifically focusing on protocol development and evaluation in the link layer and up. The students and faculty in the lab have contributed in various directions including multiple access protocols, routing protocols, transport protocols, ad hoc, mesh and sensor networking, vehicular networking, RFID networks, cellular networking and dynamic spectrum access systems.

Recent Publications

"Patch Panels in the Sky: A Case for Free-Space Optics in Data Centers", Navid Hamedazimi, Himanshu Gupta, Vyas Sekar, Samir R Das, in ACM HotNets'14.

"Minimizing capacity requirements of cellular networks via delayed scheduling", Navid Hamed Azimi, Himanshu Gupta, Utpal Paul, Milind Madhav Buddhikot, Samir Das, IEEE SECON'13.

"Passive measurement of interference in WiFi networks with application in misbehavior detection", Utpal Paul, Anand Kashyap, Ritesh Maheshwari, Samir R Das, in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing Vol 12 Issue 3.

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